5 June 2019 - by Anouk Schoenmakers

Bluecrux joins forces with Vlerick Business School

As from January 2019, bluecrux has partnered up with Vlerick Business School for the launch of the Centre for People in the Smart, Digitised Supply Chain: an extensive research collaboration program on the impact of digital transformation on people in the supply chain.

The strength of this research collaboration lies in the fact that the Centre brings together partners and members from very different sectors, but when it comes to the smart supply chain, they all face the same challenge: How do you get your people to adopt that smart technology?

Hanne Depuydt & Anouk SchoenmakersAnouk Schoenmakers: “Through this partnership, we want to further explore how to make concepts like Industry 4.0, IoT or smart factories work in practice and how to translate them, make them real together with our customers. What does the operator of the future look like? What tools are needed to survive? And how do people and those new machines/technologies interact?”

Together with Ann Vereecke (Professor Operations & Supply Chain Management, Vlerick Business School) & Karlien Vanderheyden (Assistant Professor People Management & Leadership, Vlerick Business School) and the other members, we’ll kick off the research program with the creation of a digital transformation awareness game -adapted to the supply chain context- which will enable members to explore what their digital supply chain might look like, both in terms of execution & planning. Yet, this is only the beginning of a very intensive, but interesting & insightful program. All the right reasons to stay tuned!

Read the full article here: http://partnerstoday2.vlerick.com/centre-industry-40#!/cover

Interested to join the program or just want to know more? Contact Anouk Schoenmakers or Hanne Depuydt.