19 December 2019 - by Natalie Mas

This was 2019 for bluecrux

Are you counting down to those Christmas holidays yet? We’re doing the same, yet in (bluecrux) style: by looking back to what the past year brought us, to fully recharge our batteries for the next one to come. And in the overload of year reviews & holiday wishes these times of year, we will keep things short.
So check out how we summarized our fantastic 2019 in 1 minute: 



And if you’re feeling like you need a proper overview, scroll down to the infographic below – summarizing bluecrux’ highlights of the past year:

This was 2019 for bluecrux














Having shared all of this, there’s only one special message to end with: wishing you all the best for the next year.
But first: enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Let’s connect (again) in 2020!

Warm wishes,
the bluecrux team