17 January 2019 - by Natalie Mas

7 ways to get your Supply Chain ready for the digital era

On a sunny Thursday in November, we gathered about 150 Supply Chain & Operations professionals across industries for our annual end of year conference, this year on Supply Chain 4.0: ready to operate in the digital era?

The keys to success? 1 beautiful location, 4 hours of inspiration, 8 top-notch presenters & 150 enthusiasts with a critical mindset, yet with the eagerness to open their minds and let them be guided to get their Supply Chain future-proof. But that’s not all: our attendees did not only return home with what they came for -inspiration- but also with brand new insights, clear action points for their company and a takeaway inspiration goodie bag.

And as we’re not getting enough of the takeaway inspiration, here’s some for you. Ready to get your brain fuelled as well?

Here are 7 ways to get your Supply Chain all set to operate in the digital era:

1. Drive value by applying emerging technologies and approaches within the market

Lora Cecere (Founder at Supply Chain Insights) showed us a market overview of emerging technologies and approaches you can apply to drive value within your Supply Chain. Why is this important? Because it seems that 95% of Supply Chain leaders struggle with how to drive improvement in their Supply Chain and only 5% are making progress. Check below how to become part of that 5%.

Supply Chain 4.0 event: keynote Lora Cecere from bluecrux on Vimeo.

2. Embrace digital as the gateway to your companies’ growth

Do you know Digitalis, a country with 4 billion inhabitants connected to each other thanks to the internet? Thierry Geerts (CEO Google Belgium) introduced us to the digital revolution 4.0: one with huge cultural & economic implications but above all, one that brings along a lot of challenges & opportunities for companies. Discover how to embrace the possibilities of this digital revolution and prepare your company for the future.

3. Create your digital twin with LightsOutPlanning

How can a virtual twin enlighten your Supply Chain? Discover it in the presentation below, where you’ll get a clear view on why & how a digital twin can offer you advanced visibility on your E2E Supply Chain network, to give you new insights on your post important planning sensitive parameters. In short: how LightsOutPlanning can help you to move forward by removing human bias and shifting to a data-driven approach.

4. Optimize your E2E Supply Chain using Blockchain

Blockchain technology allows partners in the Supply Chain to share data in a trusted and immutable way. During this presentation, Walter Stiers (Industry Architect IBM) discussed how you can use blockchain to optimize your E2E Supply Chain, using concrete illustrations. Two operational blockchain projects are described, from the development to the key decision process, resulting in an eco-system oriented solution with benefits for all participants.

5. Go for a connected planning approach

Far too often, Supply Chain management leaders make decisions in a data vacuum. But that doesn’t work in today’s fast-paced market. Rob Van Driel (Solutions Consultant, Anaplan) explained why & how Supply Chain leaders need to make timely, value-based decisions so you can respond quickly to shifts in demand and customer needs. Because: when value is king, margins are optimized and profit is maximized.

6. Apply deep reinforcement learning within your industrial process automation

Learn from Nicolas Deruytter (Founder & CEO ML6) how many new concepts like Artificial Intelligence, autonomous systems, Advanced Process Control, Machine Learning & many more can operate as a key to success.

7. Act on a day-to-day basis to achieve transformation

How does the process of thriving in a rapidly changing business environment work? And how to act upon this? Patrick Leysen (VP Future Lab, bpost) to the rescue, as he argued that we should stop talking about organizational transformation, and instead focus on how individuals and teams need to act on a day-to-day basis to adapt and succeed. Drawing on his experience as a leader and entrepreneur at Delhaize, Parcify and bpost, he gave us practical advice on how your company can boost creativity, innovation and in the end: corporate transformation.

Supply Chain 4.0 event: keynote Patrick Leysen from bluecrux on Vimeo.

Plenty of inspiration, plenty of insights – up to you to mix & match the ones that fit the most within your companies’ values & objectives. Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn by the way, to stay up to date about news, trends & updates within the business.

Good luck & see you in the digital era!