3 November 2020 - by Natalie Mas

How to choose your gamechanger(s) in a ‘phygital’ world

What do you get when you collect 150+ supply chain & operations professionals digitally, for a virtual adventure filled with inspiration, interaction & new insights? Our annual bluecrux event. This year it’s all about how companies can embrace their inner data nerd to get their supply chain future-proof and ready for the next generation.

And this year, we had over 10 top-notch thought leaders and presenters taking our ‘phygital’ stage to share their knowledge and experience on how to make a vision of a ‘phygital’ world real. Because, in the end, it is important to choose your own battles & decide what will be the gamechanger your company will dive into, to make your supply chain ready for the next generation.

And, as we believe that sharing is caring, let us guide you through some of our gamechangers in a ‘phygital’ world.

1. Start your journey towards a customer-centric supply chain

Do you agree that the supply chains of tomorrow embed customer centricity? Yes, so do we. Yet, customer centricity is very easily linked with providing an amazing customer experience and initiatives related to customer service. But only when you recognize customer centricity as a mindset will you be able to embrace customer diversity and translate this into differentiation.

It is the end of the supply chain as we know it, and it’s time to say hello to your next-gen supply chain: a connected, customer-centric & digitalized one. Are you ready to dive into this gamechanger, and discover how to establish a customer-centric strategic mindset?

2. Strive towards resilient planning

Do you want to become a digital winner? Given today’s business volatility and the complexity of planning, considering only one plan is not good enough. That’s why it is time to step up your game and master this uncertainty. How? By embracing data, connecting the dots and moving from deterministic to resilient planning.

But first, hear what experts have to say about what makes companies resilient, how Covid-19 is a concrete example of the need for resiliency and more importantly: how moving towards resilient planning can be enabled by the digital supply chain twin technology, LOP.ai.

3. Start orchestrating Cell and Gene therapy supply chains

Did you know that Cell and Gene therapy supply chains differ from the conventional ones in many ways? The Cell and Gene therapy market is exploding, but the supply chain is immature. Based upon active collaborations with leading Cell and Gene therapy manufacturers, we defined in what way these supply chains differ from the conventional ones and how you can take action for your business.










So, are you eager to find out more about the challenges the CGT market faces and what solutions we can offer? Get in touch and you will find out right away.

4. Set up a planning transformation journey

Setting up and going through a planning transformation journey is quite a challenge, right? Transformation journeys are so long that there are a lot of questions popping up here:  from wondering what the trigger points are for starting such a journey, to what technologies to use. And there are a lot of companies out there facing different planning transformation journeys, each one of them with their own view, motivation, and goals in mind.

Yet, there is one holistic approach all of them have in common: the one of process, organization, people & tools.

So, before you decide for your own company, listen to what 3 players from the top life sciences companies (Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, and Novo Nordisk) have to say about this, and how they are experiencing their planning transformation journey.

To summarize, it is up to your company to choose your battles and decide what your gamechanger(s) are going to be in a ‘phygital’ world, to get your supply chain future-proof and ready for the next generation. There are tons of possibilities out there, yet we’re convinced we can provide already some valuable ones.

So, get in touch if you want to kick off one of these journeys together, looking forward!