17 December 2020 - by Michael Segnana

The journey towards smart factories

The end of the year is getting closer, so you’re probably finishing your 2020 roadmaps and plans. And who could have thought that compared to 1 year ago, the world would be so different? Yet, let’s try to see this positive: it is no more a question of “if” you should digitalize. It is time to reflect on the overnight change, the initiatives taken, and to reposition “digital” and “smart factory” as a permanent enabler for your company.

But how? Just sit back, relax & learn in 30 minutes:

  1. What a digital transformation does (and does not) look like?
  2. What companies can do to successfully start AND finish their smart factory transformation?
  3. What does the factory of the future look like? 

So, after the inspiration it it time fot the action. Are you ready to start your journey, destination smart factory? Get in touch & let us help you to win this digital race, together!